Monday, September 6, 2010

Holistic Control vs. Mean Old Reality

James R. Rummel looks at how it's all connected.

First a bit about his background and his personal experience running a charity specializing in helping past victims of crime learn how to defend themselves. You'd think the "party of the little guy" would love that idea...

When one cannot outrun a 12-year-old child, and one is so frail that the kid can beat them to death without breaking a sweat, a can of pepper spray isn’t going to do anything but take up room in their pocket.

So my goal was to instruct my students on the safe and effective way to use firearms in their defense.

Elders crippled by arthritis, people suffering from partial paralysis, and even people confined to wheelchairs all learned how to shoot in order to save innocent life.

And yet I was branded as a monster by many Liberals I encountered. Because the active self defense portion of the charity course focused on firearms, I was even accused of scheming to increase the death rate! All because I advocated private ownership of firearms.

The vast majority of my students were women, and yet it was said that my purpose was to facilitate the brutalization of women because I was putting more guns on the streets. Most of my students were minorities, yet I was branded a racist because the majority of violent crime victims were minorities. The fact that there were no other options open to my students to resist violent criminal attack, that law abiding people by definition do not commit crimes, was completely ignored in favor of mindless moralizing.

I was a bad person, evil right down to my socks, because I was acting counter to one of the most dearly held shibboleths of Liberal thought: The mere act of owning a firearm turns people into violent lunatics!

And now to the broader field.

Even though they have enjoyed a dominance in Washington that they have not seen in decades, and used that power to make some of their most cherished policies reality, they can’t keep from shooting themselves in the foot. Many, perhaps even a majority, of their ideas simply don’t work in the real world. Attempts to enact them reduce freedoms and rights in the US, and even produce the exact opposite effects that are promised by the Liberals.

Yet, even so, they refuse to give up on them, and adjust their thinking to what is embarrassingly obvious.

Above is outlined my own opposition to Liberals and their ideas. What does this have to do with Glenn Beck and the Tea Party? What are the goals?

As I can attest by personal experience, media bias is pervasive and omnipresent. The Left is given what amounts to free publicity, while attempts are made to present Conservative ideas and policies in the most unflattering light possible. It appears to me that one of the unstated goals is to reveal this bias in all its ugliness.

He then goes into the power of this ability to set the narrative and how it enables unpopular, unworkable ideas and their repeated application: "The failure of Liberal policies has been on display for far too long, and yet they continue to bitterly cling to unworkable ideas. When are they going to get a clue? The only reason they have managed to get as far as they have is due to the fact that the media is shilling for them."

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