Wednesday, October 13, 2010


From Maetenloch's Overnight Thread.

According to this story out of Greece the the Benefits Division of the state insurance provider has decided not to provide special footwear to diabetic patients anymore since amputation is cheaper. But don't worry - under Obamacare if you like your foot, you'll be able to keep it. For now.

You gotta love State Healthcare. The goal of removing heartless capitalism from healthcare leads to even more impersonal, dehumanizing penny-pinching.

It's like trusting the State to be compassionate with monopolistic power over your body is a bad idea.


Joanna said...

oh HELLS no

Any time you think of people in terms of "acceptable range" and "average age of occurrence" and "average cost of care", you end up with euthanized babies and starved stroke victims and people who die from bedsores and treatable cancers. Once more, with feeling:


The Jack said...

Yes, and while it's bad for a company to do that, a company can't do nearly as much damage to your life as the State can.

It's like we have to Godwin here.

In Schindler's List the scenes where the Nazis killed the handicapped and the metnally ill were designed to show them as monsters with no value of the dignity of human life independent of the state.

I suppose in the remake those aspects of Nazisim would be downplayed, much like the other parts of of National Socialism that got memory-holed.

Again Huxley, Orwell, and Wells are becoming more and more prophetic. Bah.

Joanna said...

I call those authors the "Oop, bring me a basin" section on my bookshelf.

The Jack said...

And for the Non-ficiton Dalrymple comes right to mind.

"Life at the Bottom" is nine years old... guess how things have changed.