Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A party like itself.

So if someone was cautioning the Tea Party to not "party like it's
1773" would you screech about them being historically ignorant, given the declaration of independence was signed in 1776.

Or would you realize that maybe telling the Tea Party to not party refers to some other event in US history. Maybe something tea and party related. Maybe something that did happen in 1773. Nah... better to just assume Palin's a moron and try to revel in your own elite status.

Ed Driscoll asks: "Why don’t elites know their history — or at least how to use Google?"

Because they're so super-duper smart they knew Palin was being stupid and meant to talk about 1776 (again when the Declaration of Independence was signed, not when the rev war was won, or when the constitution was written or enacted).

And these are the goons that think they're so superior to you that they and their allies can and should run your life because you'll just screw it up.

As Rand often says: "I wouldn’t mind quite so much if they were really, you know, elite, instead of someone who managed to get a piece of paper from Harvard or Yale."

Though to be fair to brain trust behind this latest attack, Kos: Northern Illinois University (B.S.), Boston University School of Law (J.D.). But at least Kos hates the right people, and has "good" intentions so that's what counts.

Now shut up you mouth-breathing, American history-citing, gun-clinging, Hayek- reading ignorant hayseeds.

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