Thursday, October 28, 2010

Two From Ed Morrissey

So Obama whines, that's nothing new. This time, on the Daily Show, it's against the filibuster, which he used to love, and before Scott Brown should not have even been an issue for Obama. Since there were under 40 Republican Senators.

Obama may be the only President in American history who claimed not to have been able to pass major agenda items because he only has a 77-seat majority in the House and an 18-seat majority in the Senate. That strongly suggests that either the agenda itself was the problem, or the President involved was an incompetent. I’d say — both.

Also feeding the incompetence and bad agenda idea, how doe Obama try to sell Obamacare? Well... by saying it's like Social Security. Sure it will start out one way, but its just a framework and will grow in scale and scope.

Huh. Morrissey again:

If you want to sell ObamaCare to a deeply skeptical public, is Social Security the best example Obama has? It may have started out as a “widows and orphans” fund, but it rapidly turned into a Ponzi scheme that is now running monthly cash deficits, thanks to a historic lack of workers per beneficiary. It’s part of a gigantic entitlement catastrophe that is rapidly approaching, and which will require serious change and downscaling in one way or another if the US is to avoid getting swamped by its own debt and unfunded liabilities.

Actually, the better analogy is Medicare, not Social Security. Originally targeted at a small group of beneficiaries, the program grew into a massive insurance program for all Americans that has an even worse financial foundation than Social Security.


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