Friday, March 29, 2013

ATTN Delaware Gunnies

Private Transfer Ban Passes the State House.

Sebastian has more info, on what would be banned and who to contact.

He also goes into some of the weird bits of the law.  Such as the time limits to the exceptions to the transfer bill.
Again, if you’re cohabiting with someone, say, in a gay relationship because you can’t get married, if you leave town for three weeks and leave your firearms in the care of your significant other, you’re making an unlawful transfer. Why the need to restrict the duration in section (B) to 24 hours? If I invite someone on my land to shoot, and loan him a gun for the weekend trip, should I be charged with a misdemeanor?

He also puts up some other points.

For people that don't live in Delaware you can still contact your Fed Senators.   As bad as this Delaware bill is, the Fed one is worse (no exceptions for people with a CCW and no 2 week loaning for example).  Also the Delaware law is a misdemeanor, not a felony like the feds want.

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