Thursday, February 26, 2015

Annnnd Cracked Sh*ts the Bed: Buys into the 90% of Mexican guns come from the US

Wow. Cracked.  Way to buy into some propaganda that was debunked years ago.

Edit (well that was embarrassing how about a link t the article itself!)

It can be found here.  And I guess Cracked has a theme of having the URL be a different title than the article's overt title.

But hey, it's an article about "horrible things the US exports to the rest of the world"...  so narrative!

Oh and as a bonus they blame the "private sale loophole"  and the lack of US registration... not just for the violence in Mexico but also for the whole lack of data.

For a sense this is how they assert it:

Understand we are talking about a country that, in 2012, had more homicides by firearm than the U.S. Do I even need to tell you where all of their murder guns come from? Depending on who you ask, as much as 90 percent of them arrive illegally from America. Back when Mexican authorities made that claim, there were more than 6,000 federally licensed gun stores on the U.S. side of the border, so it's a pretty safe bet that estimate wasn't too far off. 
Damn. That's some water-tight logic there.   Also it's adorable how they present it as if it were some aberration that Mexico had more "gun death" than the use.

See if the US didn't have all those icky guns  I mean how could the Cartels get their weapons? I mean it's not like they're international contraband smugglers....


The other examples are also pretty hilarious.  Mostly because of the presumption that the bad things listed are uniquely the fault of America.

Though its also funny, in a "Stop hitting yourself" way, to see America get blamed for making the 3rd world "fatter".

Annnnnd,  if you really want to hurt yourself check out the comments.  Specifically to the gun issue you'll get some amazing trutherism to Fast and Furious (it was just a fox news plot!), you'll get the The US needs to grow up and become like the rest of the world and ban guns! (Ignorance on actual international gun laws there...)   or  this one, and I'll go with an actual pair of quotes:

TeRy_OrweLL: Yes we can say that blanket bans are better, because they undeniably are. Switzerland has ten times as many gun deaths as the UK, so don't buy into that hype train. You are right about a gun-ban happening in America though. Not with that attitude. It will be a long, slow struggle to bring America into the modern era. There always reaches a point where a country's citizens can no longer deny that other countries have better ideas about certain things.      
More of that modern-era pap.   And "better ideas".   I'm sure if guns are banned int he US, why they'll be as hard to get as coke or heroin.... oh.

But the best part is this comment that came afterwards.

ThistleBird: Yeah, quite true. One of our problems in America, though, is that some people (and there are LOTS of them) equate any restrictions on gun ownership at all to a blanket ban. So it's very hard to have a reasonable conversation about what kinds of new measures would be appropriate, even after awful mass shootings.

ThistleBird, you want to know why lots of people in America think that any restriction on gun ownership will equate a blanket ban?

Just look to TeRy_OrweLL  right here he's advocating for a blanket ban and is saying that it will be "a long, slow struggle".    So right of the bat it's hard to think such a conversation on gun laws would be in good faith.

Moreso because the laws proposed seem to have little to do with actually preventing the tragedy..  Take Sandyhook.  The biggest push on that was to ban Private Sales...  despite the killer murdering his mother to get her guns.  Guns she bought at a gun shop and thus had a background check run.

Or heck take the Assault Weapons Ban.   That got pushed as well.  Despite the fact that an assault weapon is defined not by the amount of bullets it can fire, or by the caliber,  but by some cosmetic and ergonomic features.

The conclusion is drawn that the people advocating for such laws don't actually know what they do, or don't... care.

Thus its very hard to have a reasonable conversation when dealing with people who you suspect don't have that as a goal, but instead are playing a long game to go for that blanket ban.

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