Thursday, February 19, 2015

You know....

Maybe Cracked isn't stealth changing the titles of their posts out of some "political" reason.

It could be plain old incompetence

See the URL is : the-5-ballsiest-ways-anyone-ever-toppled-u.s.-government

But the title is: 5 Uprisings Cut from U.S. History for Being Too Successful

And if one looks at the list.

Well there's Aaron Burr's post duel attempt at empire, a near civil war due to a disputed gubernatorial election, the British occupying part of Maine, the overthrow of the kingdom of Hawaii, and Athens Tennessee.

Note that none of those exactly...  toppled the US government.  The closest was the occupation of Maine during the War of 1812.

And hey, at least most of 'em were successful.

And you gotta give Cracked a golf-clap for admitting that Venezuela is a dictatorship that suppresses free speech rights in petty and insane ways.

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