Wednesday, February 4, 2015

So..... that's how you get the Left to decry Marx

Turns out some among the Progressive/University Left are turning against Marx....

And Jonah Goldberg has why:

It’s amazing. We spent a century trying to explain to the Left why Marx was wrong. It just never occurred to us to try “He’s a white guy!” It should have been obvious. It’s like we spent hours trying to hack their computer and then suddenly someone suggests trying “password” as the password — and voila.


This comes by Goldberg commenting on a piece by James Lileks on the same subject:

Anyway, back to the canon. Marx is derided for being a white male, which seems to be the least of his sins. It’s like criticizing Mao for bad dental hygiene. There’s not a soul on the right who ever regarded his works and thought “it’s a muddle-brained exercise in utopian twaddle that inevitably leads to statist tyranny, but I am strangely drawn to its precepts by the author’s possession of testicles.” Likewise a conservative on Foucault: “Sure, he was a leftist who praised Ayatollah Khomeini, but he was a milky-skinned guy who peed standing up, and that’s gotta count for something.”

 Amazing.   Can I make a dustbin of history comment or is that too on the nose?

Both do make about the protests to the Vagina Monologues (basically some SJW's are taking exception that the play doesn't have trans women in it) that do make me raise my eyebrow.   Though I suppose Lileks' was more on the special snowflake angle..

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