Thursday, June 26, 2008

Afghanistan and Iraq

From StrategyPage Afghanistan Becomes The Most Dangerous Place

A little update about what's happening over there.

Plus this...

It's a different kind of war in Afghanistan, with the enemy taking higher losses than their Iraqi counterparts. Al Qaeda has shifted its operations to Pakistan and Afghanistan, and is using the same tactics that caused it to be defeated in Iraq. Yes, it sounds idiotic. But these are the same people who believe they get 72 virgins (to abuse for eternity) when they are killed in combat, and seriously believe that if they keep fighting long enough, the world will become one big Islamic religious dictatorship, where women will live very restricted lives and all the men will wear beards. If it weren't for all the innocents these maniacs kill, it would be comic. But they do, and it isn't.

Similar to the previous post about problems in Canada. Just because it's humerous, even darkly, doesn't mean it isn't dangerous.

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