Monday, June 2, 2008

Gone for a week.

Stuff had come up.

Here's a bunch of good posts by Rand Simberg of Transterrestrial.

Canadian Kangaroos has links to the start of the completely Orwellian and textbook definition kangaroo court (no presumption of innocence, much looser rules or procedure, sloppy evidence, and actual thought crime) against Mark Steyn.

That right there is how free speech is controlled and taken away. Read.

Splitter Has some good news on the situation of Al Qaeda

One would think this is a good thing.

Even the French are getting it.

This Is Leadership? Links to comments on Barry's judgment and leadership. Specifically in relation to his (after 20 years) former church. It looks like he threw that under the bus when it became inconvenient for the General Election.

New Politics.

You Can Take The Man Out Of The Leftist Church Where he links to Stanley Kurtz's research showing how that racist church was not such an ill-fit for Barry.

The Uncle Seems Real delves into Barry's stories. Once again it shows my main thesis of fact-checking the news. Anyone with a basic inkling of history (or even geography) would smell something fishy about Barry talking about a relative liberating Auschwitz. Given it's in Poland.

It looks like having a relative at the liberation of Buchenwald wasn't punchy enough.

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