Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sloppy work.

The Obama Campaign really needs to keep a better eye on the people it lets blog on their official website.

Can you imagine if McCain's website was chock full of antisemitic paranoid ranting?

LGF has links to the troubling insanity.

There’s something deeply wrong with a presidential candidate who attracts so many of these hateful psychotics. Read the comments; you just won’t believe what is allowed to be posted at Barack Obama’s web site.

Crazy supporters like this is and was one of the main reasons I was so skeptical of Ron Paul and thought of him as just another conman.


That was fast.

Obama Campaign Throws Antisemitic Blog Down the Memory Hole

And another one

Note how these posts are only deleted when someone brings them up and talks about them. Some had been aroudn for months before being "discovered".

New Politics.

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