Sunday, June 8, 2008

Guns and Obama

David Harry has a list of Obama's actual position on things related to the Second Amendment. Odd that such a "transparent" and "post-partisan" candidate would have his actual history in this regard considered... smearing him.

Harry sums up the logic of saying the NRA has smeared Obama by positng the truth:

In which event, isn't this a little like arguing that ACLU has "smeared" Candidate Smith by truthfully saying he is anti free speech, just because he supports requiring a permit, with education requirements, before a person may criticize the government, imprisoning anyone who "falsely accuses a government official of misconduct," outlawing "speech that offends anyone without reasonable cause," etc., because the person expressing this view thinks that no one should criticize the government without knowing its business, or make false statements, or should offend others without cause?

Is it any surprsie that we're finding pointing out Obama's history is a smear in his view?

It fits perfectly with the Special Obama rules.

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