Monday, June 30, 2008

Wesley Clark: Not helping.

Once again let's recall that Obama's assurance that his inexperience is his superior judgment.
It's even one of his slogans. "Judgment to Lead."

Is it any shock that there's yet another person related to the campaign that Obama has to distance himself from?

You see General Wesley Clark had some... interesting things to say about McCain and his military service.

Video here.

And that's a guy that's supposed to beef up Obama's international and defense cred.

Vets for Freedom issues a harsh response to the Clark's vile words

JammieWearingFool looks into the "classy" performance of the Dems in smearing McCain and that attacks on his service are a consistent pattern.

It's good that Obama denounced Clark, but wouldn't it have been better if Obama had the judgment to realize that Clark has a history of being "reckless".

But I guess that's more of the Change Obama has going for him.

Like how he tells Rolling Stone how much he loves Town-Hall meetings.

Quick! He better tell McCain that. I heard that old guy's thinking on doing a few of those meetings with Obama. McCain's been having a real hard time setting up some of those with him...

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