Friday, March 8, 2013

ATTN: Colorado Gunnies.

In good news it looks like the Pro-Rape Campus Carry Ban bill has been pulled.

Publicola has notes on what you can do.  Even if you're not a resident.

Edit:  Here's an update:  Campus Carry Ban is dead.  Assault Weapons Ban Dead.  But the Magazine Ban and the Private Sale ban are through and will have a final State Senate vote on Monday.

As MikeJ says: "Still have the weekend to email and call."

And as Sebastian says:
UPDATE: Mag ban passes 18-17, as Dave Kopel mentions, “Obama and Bloomberg rule the Colorado Legislature.” The Democrats must be punished in Colorado. Severely. I will be following the 2014 races there closely. Any loss of freedom anywhere diminishes us all.
Hickenlooper is also up, and won last time because the Republican Party was in shambles. He can’t count on that in 2014. It’s time for Coloradans to take their legislature back from the interlopers in DC and New York.

Shows that Bloomberg and Obama will push and win by the slimmest of margins, on a party line vote and it'll be enough for them. There has to be electoral consequences.   Otherwise these politicians will do this all over again.

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