Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Colorado Democrats: Now telling rape survivors directly that they're too dumb to carry guns.

Colorado Democrats really don't think much of women.  As this keeps happening, again and again.

So now the Democrats are saying that it's "statistics"  that show that women shouldn't carry guns do defend themselelves.

Well at least they're not saying it's "science".

Video from Allahpundit on Hotair who notes:

When you boil down Hudak’s “statistical” argument, what she’s really saying is that guns are so dangerous that society’s better off leaving women unarmed and tolerating a certain amount of rape than letting them arm up and risking extra gun thefts and shootings. Note to House Democrats: I encourage you to run on that message in 2014 as part of your big “yay, gun control” platform. Suggested slogan: “You’re safer when you’re defenseless.”

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