Thursday, March 28, 2013

Joe Donelly takes Bloomberg's Bucks

It certainly seems that way if you read this MAIG press release.

A couple notes from that: he decided to sell us out in a California newspaper.  And the Sacramento Bee literally acts as a distributor for Bloomberg's press releases.  Look at the byline.

All Hoosiers reading this should drop the Senator a line to express your displeasure at the Senator deciding to take walking orders from NYC's Nanny.

You can also call at 317-226-5555

I called and found something interesting.  The Staffer at the other end of the line denied the report, and didn't have talking points on the issue.  Note the press release is a day old.

So..    either Donelly's treating his phone-staff like mushrooms,  his phone staff has been ordered to deny the press release, or MAIG jumped the gun.

This gives a window to get in contact with them to ask why Donnelly cares more about New York's Gracie Mansion, than than voters in Indiana.  And why he wants to make it a felony for people go go out hunting and borrow a friend's gun.


In speaking with the previous post,  mention Bloomberg when you call. The whole " By embracing Bloomberg, Senator Donnelly has proven that he cares more about New York City's nannying plutocratic mayor than law-abiding Hoosiers."   And go with reminding Donnelly about his predecessor.

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