Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cultural shifts: A long running Experiment

Weer'd talks about the cultural change in firearms ownership.
Basically about the demise of the "Fudd" and the rise of defensive carry culture. Americans are putting the Bear back in "Right to Keep and Bear Arms."

Couple that with RobertaX who shows that this has been a long running "experiment" in some places.

It is funny, and sad, to see hand-wringing over "blood in the streets" especially as Roberta points out when it's in a jurisdiction that has been Shall issue since before either the perp or the defensive shooter were borne.

We already know the outcome: there aren't any "shoot-outs in canned goods" and 99.99999% of the time, the only red on the floor is from a dropped jar of tomato-based product (or hot sauce). Your worst fears have not come true -- because most people, yes, even those of us who had a State Police background check, got fingerprinted and paid for a License To Carry Handgun, most people are good and decent; most people are reluctant to take human life.

I was up in Buffalo for the New Year and went shooting with my friends, one of which was trying out her very first gun. Even in New York State we're making inroads.

Also speaking of results from the "cultural experiment" I was in a chat talking about 3D printing and other such future tech and I pointed out how that stuff was making Gun Control a dead letter.

It promoted this rather candid response: "giving Dutch people firearms would help the overpopulation problem rather quickly". And yes, these quotes are all from a Dutchman.

I pointed out that us violent Americans can handle having more guns and more people carrying them without more murder.

He agree with the stats but went to a cultural defense. Somehow his people were different: "I think the problem mainly would be with arming them now. I mean The Netherlands has been a country without widespread firearms ownership since 1918."

To be fair he also wondered if the average Dutch citizen can handle driving a car and voting: "I am not sure anyone here can handle a car if I see them drive at times. But no, I don't trust most of the population here, if they vote for those idiots." So there's at least a uniform sense of elitism.

Here's the interesting part. He says he's not against "the ownership in general" but thinks that liberalization would require a "slow introduction" to manage the "problem of reintroducing them".

Consider where this has placed a European Anti. They're reduced to going Well sure you violent and uncouth Americans can handle having and carrying guns, but our peaceful and gentile citizens subjects need to slowly be weaned back or else there'll be blood in the streets.

Well, it's that or plug their hands in their ears and completely ignore reality.

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