Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Sane" Governance

The government secretly wants to take your guns away:
• Any sane gun law will lead to the government being able to take your guns away.

Linoge tears into a juicy treat the new gun control organization the "National Gun Victims Action Council" has dropped into his lap, with ngvac set gun control up the bomb

After showing the massively incestuous organizational relationships of the antis he goes into a bit of manna that the ngvac dropped.

And look at the phrasing of the sentence – note how they simply say "take your guns"; not "take criminals’ guns", not "take convicted persons’ guns", not "take some people’s guns". Nope, take your guns – as in every single firearm-owning person who happened upon their webpage and happened to read that sentence. Nevermind the "why" of the situation (especially because it boils down to nothing more complicated than their deep-seated, pathological, uncontrollable fear of an inanimate object) – these people want to empower the government to whimsically and capriciously confiscate your private property… ironically, at the point of a gun.

Is it any wonder we're suspicious about governmental action and giving them more power? Just look at what the RMCP can do up in Canada.

Like my previous post, I'll point to the amazing sense of trust and awe in governmental power. They're perfectly fine with giving the government the ability to remove property without any due process and to abridge the Bill of Rights. The First in the previous post, the Second in this.

And another points is the implicit assertion that if you're a part of the "right crowd" you'll get to keep your guns. Heck you might even be allowed to carry a handgun, just like in New Jersey, New York City, Boston, or San Francisco.

Again and again we see that these people are not against guns, free speech, or wealth in general, they're just against the "wrong" people having said things.

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