Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A good work bench

Last week Unc was talking about The gun industry, media, blogs and press and one thing he noted was how the gun bloggers accentuated the negative.

That's true enough, just look at my Kimber blogging.

But that got me thinking on things that are good.

Seeing that I did not have a work space and was using my computer desk or dining room table, my father decided to order a work bench as a Christmas present for me.

It was custom made by a small company in South Carolina and thus only arrived last week. However, there was a problem as the holes on the two front legs were ground too far and the Lag Bolts could not engage. I contacted the owner by email with the problem and within ten minutes he called back and discussed the issue.

The next morning he shipped out a full set of replacement legs by second day air. They arrived and I've assembled it and am quite satisfied with the product and the customer service.

The company is American Workbench and if you want a very sturdy, high quality, extremely customization work bench I'll recommend them. And they do make excellent and appreciated gifts.


American Workbench said...

Hello, It was so nice to see your post! One thing that we pride ourselves at American Workbench, is to make sure that each and every client is totally satisfied with our Benches. If not in the moment, the reaction is the most important part of Follow through. Though we never wish to make a mistake, they do happen, and standing behind what you believe in is of most importance... you ....my client.

My Best,
John A. Zirpola
Founder, Designer

American Workbench, LLC

The Jack said...

Thank you.

I've been using the bench for, wow, about eight months and it's worked great.

Very solid construction. Doesn't wobble at all. The vice works great. The press works good. Lots of storage space. Plenty of workspace.

A great product with great customer support.