Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quote of the day: Divemedic

Divemedic has this comment on a post of Robb Allen's about the logic of the Anti's

I think that in order to understand them, you need to look at things from their perspective. They believe that criminals are just like the rest of us, but have simply been pushed into making a rash decision. If guns are removed from the equation, then the person will not have the opportunity to act before they come to their senses.

This is where the nonsense about waiting periods, victim disarmament zones, and virtually every other law comes from- even why they are so soft on convicted criminals. In their eyes, everyone is a potential criminal, all we need is a moment of lost self control.

Underscoring that mentality of everyone is a criminal, everyone is a child, the masses can't rule themselves... Illinois has just started a drain cleaner registry. You see, stores now have to keep a log of who buys these "dangerous chemicals" and demand that purchases provide valid ID. Because that will somehow reduce "cleaner-crime".

Once again we're seeing that government ID is required do to everything but vote.

RobertaX also points out that this idea of being a nation of children/serfs is antithetical to American culture in Americans: An Armed Rabble

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