Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Common Sense.

Emily Miller of the Washington Times has been trying to get a handgun in Washington DC. Note this is not to get a carry permit (DC does not allow carry), this is simply to own.

She's been documenting the process for the Washington Times.

Needless to say it's been Kafkaesque. Here's her testifying before the DC city council on the byzantine, expensive and time consuming process.

Now how does the CSGV (last seen trying to extort money from Starbucks) react to Miller's complaints?

Complaints like: To get a handgun in DC I have to drive to another state to a strange man who I know is armed and knows I am not armed.

Why with mockery of course. Sebastian and Weer'd look at this Brady retread's lashing out.

This isn't exactly a winning strategy. Look at the vid, does that seem like a reasonable or sane system? Does that sound like people who are upholding the Constitution?

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