Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No wonder they see the coercive power as a virtue.

Ace looks at those that seek to use the State to make us all "better".
About people who can't accept that others may believe differently than them, that they may act in a way seen as unwise or even immoral by others, and those that can't even wonder if the plans they want to foist on everyone just might be wrong.

They are so right that of course the coercive power of the state -- with its machinery of stripping away the property and liberty of those who run afoul of it -- should be deployed to wipe out mendicants and heretics.

One of the most cherished rights, never expressed anywhere but truly central to any truly free society, is the right to be Wrong. By which I mean, you should not just be free to do the things which the hegemonic culture deems to be "right." No one ever tries to outlaw that which they themselves believe to be right.

What they attempt to do, of course, is outlaw that which they believe to be wrong.

If you do not respect a citizen's right to be wrong -- if your first impulse is to use the frightening machinery of state coercion to compel him to be "right," as you see "right" -- then you do not respect him at all.

This is the chief character flaw of the leftist movement -- their inability to respect anyone at all but their own. A very provincial and solipisitically childish way to view the world, of course, which leads to a vicious arrogance in attempting to pound, pound, pound square pegs into the round holes the state has cut for them.

Go to the link and you'll see Catholics and Abortion are just a smokescreen. The real issue is organizations not doing what those controlling the State demand of them.

Now fit that in with the same people that want a more "militarized" and stronger State.

And fit that with another group that dreams of using the state to disarm all that disagree with their worldview.

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