Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alan Grayson: "If you're against universal health care, just keep your distance from doctors and hospitals."

When we last saw the former congressmen he was literally running over the poor with his Mercedes on the way to meet with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr at a big-dollar fundraiser for the rich.

Now he's saying if you don't like universal healthcare you shouldn't get any healthcare.

What's delicious is that he says this after this litany against the Loathsome Anti-Porn and Anti Gay Santorum. From Ace of Spades.

You see how that works? Let me give you some more examples.

If you're against contraception, don't use it.

If you're against abortion, don't have one.

If you're against Moslems, don't become one.

If you're against gay marriage, don't have one.

If you're against unions, don't join one.

If you're against universal health care, just keep your distance from doctors and hospitals.

If you're against homosexuality, then feel free to limit your sexual interest to the 3 billion human beings of the opposite gender.

What I'm basically trying to say to Rick Santorum, and everyone like Rick Santorum, is this: mind your own business.

One of these things is not like the others...

On an interesting aside. This does imply that Grayson is against closed union shops. After all what if someone got a job and didn't want to join the union? Grayson would be okay with that, right? Right?

Ace notes the mask flopping right onto the ground.

Until he gets to universal health care -- a top-down, mandated-enrollment, government-controlled, no-escape-clause dream of the socialist left.

And there? There is his recommendation is, essentially, don't go to doctors or hospitals. In other words, never get sick.

You don't have to be a libertarian. But don't pose as pro-liberty and then smuggle in your support for socialized, statist government control.

It's the same old, "I'm pro choice for all the things that are good and wholesome, but those icky things need some common sense control."

For Santorum it's the Gays, Porn and the like where the State knows better than you. For Grayson well... don't get sick. Why does that sound so familiar?

For example, can you imagine Grayson saying: "If you're against guns, don't buy one." or "If you're against concealed carry, you don't have to."?

Not only does Grayson envision medical care being contingent on political loyalty, but he also dreams of banning all non-state healthcare.

He doesn't say "just keep your distance from Universal Care doctors and Socialized (but the good kind) hospitals."

He doesn't say "If you're against universal health care, just be prepared to pay through the nose a at a private hospital."

It's really a fascinating unforced error. When trying to expose how narrow-minded and anti-liberty Santorum is, Grayson, for no reason at all, brings up his dreams of a totalitarian medical regime where every single doctor and hospital in the nation is either forced into his system or driven out of practice.

And then he has the gall to say that if you complain about the system he forced you into then you'll be cut off. Talk about removing choice. In Grayson's world, if you disagree with Universal Healthcare: Don't get Sick.

It's also very telling and very creepy that for a man who supposedly thinks that healthcare is so vital and so important that the State has to step in to ensure it's provided is so cavalier about withholding said vital services based on a person's political beliefs.

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