Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lynch Mob

So you've a lethal shooting under questionable circumstances. The shooter alleges that it was self defense but it doesn't seem that clear especially since the police are actively investigating the guy.

Never-the-less some are demanding vigilante "justice" on the shooter and saying that if the man came to *their* house they'd "smoked his azz like a turkey in November”.

Guess which side of the gun-rights/gun-control debate has a national organization encouraging vengeance, egging on eye-for-an-eye, and endorsing the dissemination of the suspect's personal address?

Why yes, Ladd Everett of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is endorsing "street justice". Sure he's against armed self defense, but sending a mob because the police are too slow? Well... that's different.

Look at it from his perspective, if some mutt takes his encouragement and tries to attack the suspect that's win win for his organization. Regardless of who bleeds in such an altercation, they've got another example of "gun violence".

And if nothing happens, he's sure getting more attention.

Remember, they're against self defense but are okay with lynch mobs.

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