Saturday, March 10, 2012

I got nothin....

So let's do a tab clearing.

Have some interesting deconstructions on animation.
Here, Here, and Here.
A lot of interesting stuff goes into something that looks so simple, but timing and motion can have a huge impact.

And on the more "Oh god it's going to explode" side of things a chemist talks about "Things I won't work with"

Did I mention that this prep was performed on less than one millimole? Spirited stuff, that tetra-azide. The experimental section of the paper enjoins the reader to wear a face shield, leather suit, and ear plugs, to work behind all sorts of blast shields, and to use Teflon and stainless steel apparatus so as to minimize shrapnel. Hmm. Ranking my equipment in terms of its shrapneliferousness is not something that's ever occurred to me, I have to say. It's safe to assume that any procedure which involves considering which parts of the apparatus I'd prefer to have flying past me will not get much business in my lab, no matter how dashing I might look in a leather suit.

And that's one of the nicer chemicals on the list.

Oh and Weer'd has found some...thing.

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