Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Cue Republican attack ad accusing Grayson of literally running over the poor with his Mercedes on the way to meet with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr."

For once not a misuse of the term literally. Yes "fighting progressive" former congressman and congresional hopeful Alan Grayson really did hit a public bus on his way to a one thousand dollar a head fundraiser. Mediaite has more.

Via Glenn Reynolds who notes:

Driving a Mercedes, hurrying to a big-bucks fundraiser at a penthouse, injures some bus-riders (99-percenters almost by definition) while himself escaping unscathed. Occupy Alan Grayson!

What we need is politicians that pledge to stick it to those rich and powerful 1-percenters and put power back into the hands of the people, we need more champions of the people like... Alan Grayson.

Well well. Shows what happens when you trust a "fighter" to divvy up "the stash" in the way you like it.

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