Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Starting Reloading

Well got some stuff in today and after bolting and calibrating here's the first lot of 21

So far I'm real happy with the Lee Turret press. It has a lot of room to grow with various add-ons and options. Though I do want to calibrate the powder dispenser for wastage. Though so far it gives reliable loads.

Speaking of that, I'm really enjoying the Hornaday Digital Scale. Nice accuracy, easy tare reset, and very fast response. It's really a handy tool for checking your loads, and even weighing the assembled cartridge.

That and a pair of calipers can give you some nice measurements and checking of your consistency and matching to a reference cartridge and guide book limitations.

For example the cartridge on the scale is 5 grains heavier than the other 20. Later on I'll use my cartridge dis assembly hammer to separate it and weight the components.

I'd make more but I want to test this loading at the range first.

As a bonus there's a preview of my spent primer jar. I'm thinking of a "guess the beans" style contest. Though not sure the terms and what to offer. Maybe something for charity.


Karl said...

I'll donate a Commie Obama hat as a prize for your contest.


The Jack said...

Thanks! They are very good hats.

I was thinking of fronting something training related, like snap caps or somesuch too.