Saturday, March 3, 2012


I carry a PM45 on a regular basis. And I really like that gun, it's a very reliable, accurate and for a 45 extremely compact.

I use a DeSantis Super Fly Pocket Holster which is great. It keeps the firearm secured, oriented properly, and the arm comes out every time when withdrawn.

However, even with the flap that comes with the holster it has a bit of a printing issue where it gives a slight L shape. I've never been "caught" with it, but I wanted it to be a bit more discrete. My LCP being thinner doesn't have this issue.

I think I came up with a a way around that.

I took a piece of wood and cut and shaped it to work as a spacer. Velcro on the backside attaches the block to the cover and the cover to the holster.

Here's the thing all together. You can see the block fits in perpendicular to the end of the barrel. and is a little less thick than the slide.

And here's it all together. My photography skills didn't yield enough contrast on the before and after pics when it was in pocket, but it does turn an L shape into a big rectangular shape, like a large wallet.

So far it carries well and still draws fine. And the wood didn't add much weight at all. I'll see how it handles and wears after some more time.


Weer'd Beard said...

Very interesting!

What kind of pants do you wear when you normally pocket carry?

Mine's riding right now in my jeans, and it doesn't print so bad.

If I'm wearing slacks tho,it looks a lot worse with my Nemesis.

The Jack said...

With jeans I get a bit of printing but not much. Though my jeans could have used a bit more pocket depth.

But most of the time I wear slacks.

Printed worse in both the Puritan slacks and my new Woolrich "Tactical Chinos". Though I like the latter much more for having stronger seams and much stronger pockets.