Monday, May 24, 2010

Lime and Pork

I had half a lime left over after using it for my chili.

And tonight I was cooking some boneless country pork ribs, so I added the lime juice after I had seared the pork and had finished the dry rub (black pepper, cumin, cayane).

Used the rest of the lime half on the slow cooking version where I folded the juices and sauce mix (Frank's, Louisiana Hot, Cholula sauce, and Lee and Perrins).

Worked out rather well. The lime gave a good dimension to the sauce.

Bonless Pork Ribs 2

Cast iron.

Bonless Pork Ribs

Still moist.


Keith Anselm said...

Looks tasty. It makes me want to revisit a beef/orange/mango recipe I did back when I was still at Heather's. Heavy on cayenne.

I really do need to step into dry-rub land someday, in a way that doesn't use brown sugar.

The Jack said...

Brown sugar's not so bad, it makes a good base and can carmalize well.

But it does limit you in that there's a heavy sweet taste.

A basic dry rub can have a base of cayenne, some cumin, pinch of mustard powder, fine ground black pepper, and dash of salt.

Stir the mix well and then put it on the meat before cooking. When cooking make sure each side browns enough to have the spices "cooked" in.

If using a pan and very lean meat you may want to use a light amount of olive oil to thinly coat the pan before the meat gets in.