Thursday, May 6, 2010

The power of the Narrative.

Via Ace. Watch.

So there's a disaster in a major US city. And it gets blacklisted? Why?

Well unlike Katrina Bush couldn't be blamed. Unlike Katrina the populace largly helped themselves and worked together.

Also there was an oil spill on the gulf coast and a car bomb in Times Square. Puts to proof the idea that the Mass Media is incapable of handeling more than two major stories at once.

Especially if one runs counter ot the Narrative.

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Keith Anselm said...

It's rather sad when I've turned to the BBC World Service for my domestic news. BBC is also turning into fluff, but it was on a delay relative to US news at least.

More stories need to be covered, with less repetition. People have DVRs and the internet now - don't repeat yourself endlessly.