Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mayor Daley shows us the Chicago way.

So how does a gun grabbing thug from a crony political family react to critism?

Well with threats of voilence of course!

Mick Dumke the inquiring reporter explains:

Mayor Daley loves to bag on the local media, and given my recent line of inquiry into his politics and policies, I’ve never expected to be greeted with a fruit basket at City Hall.

But even I was a bit taken aback this morning when the mayor grabbed a rifle and threatened to shoot me.

Oh Chicago.

But even supporters of tough gun regulations—myself included—have to admit that it's not clear how much they reduce violence. Despite having some of the most restrictive laws in the country, Chicago is a national leader in shootings and murders, and the mayor himself noted that “we’ve seen far too many instances in the last few weeks” of firearm violence, including the shooting that left a cop dead last night.

So I asked: since guns are readily available in Chicago even with a ban in place, do you really think it’s been effective?

I have to ask, why does Mr. Dumke support tough gun regulation then? If he's got questions as to their effectiveness?

At least mayor Daley has a reason. Which he explained in between threatening to shove a bayonette up a reporter's behind.

And he went on some more. “We save all these guns that the police department seizes, you know how many lives we’ve saved? You don’t realize it. First of all, they’re taking these guns out of someone’s hands. They save their own life and they save someone else’s. You cannot count how many times this gun can be used. Thirty, forty times in shooting people and discharging a weapon. I think it’s very important.

“Next will be hand grenades, right? We’ll say that hand grenades are OK. I mean, how far can you go in regards to mass weapons? To me, any gun taken off saves thousands of lives in America. I really believe that, I don’t care what people tell me. You have to thank the police officers for seizing all these weapons. We lead the country in seizing weapons. This is unbelievable.”

So in Daley's world he must have saved millions of lives, a regular Norman Borlaug. Nevermind the sky high rates of actual murder in Chicago, he's prevented zillions of potential deaths.

Also if you keep seizing weapons, at a rate higher than any other city in the nation... and yet you still have horrible voilence, doesn't that prove your prohibition is inefective?

And nice to know that logic and facts can't get through to him.

Ed Morrissey comments:
The Second Amendment exists for two reasons. First, the founders knew that law enforcement couldn’t defend everyone against attack — unless they created a police state that would eliminate liberty forever. They encouraged people to arm themselves, an important move in frontier areas especially, where the writ of law didn’t run very strongly. The police are very good at investigating crimes after they occur, but not in providing personal defense, which isn’t their job.

Secondly, arming the populace makes it much more difficult for those in power to seize property and liberty without due process of law. As Daley aptly demonstrated, when only the government and the criminals have guns, they both can dictate at will without fear of opposition. When a reporter asks a tough question, just wield a gun at him and then later laugh it off as a joke.


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