Monday, May 24, 2010

Two Americas

According to Rasmussen there's a bit of a... disconnet.

Percentage of the political class conficent "in members Congress to handle current economic problems"? 88%

Percentage of the rest of the US population? Less than 8%

The message is clear: "Shut up serf, your betters have it in hand."

Via Ace of Spaces.

Meanwhile the Onion has something that's a bit on the nose: Majority Of Government Doesn't Trust Citizens Either

Out of 100 U.S. senators polled, 84 said they don't trust the U.S. populace to do what is right, and 79 said Americans are not qualified to do their jobs. Ninety-one percent of all government officials polled said they find citizens to be every bit as irresponsible, greedy, irrational, and selfishly motivated as government officials are.

The telling difference it that those greedy, irrational, and selfishly motivated goverment officials are... goverment officials. And unlike the population at large their power is growingas they great expanding the control, power, and fiscal instability of the state.

So who do you think is more dangerous? A rube that's got at most the power of a corporation at his beck and call, or a rube with a nation-state?

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