Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Willful Blindness.

Bill Whittle's analysis. In short: FAIL.
Watch it all.

"If the bomb doesn't go off I don't consider that the system working."
"If their big sucess story is that the detonator didn't work, then we're in trouble."

Here's ThreatWatch's take:

It should be noted here that the crude, technically lacking bomb design itself should be no source of reassurance that the threat to New York City, its citizens, its tourists and its workers is minimal. It was a mistake for authorities and experts to publicly describe it as "amateurish." Americans taking in their information from news reports who see this written and hear it spoken will instinctively conclude that the threat is significantly less than feared. This is a mistake, because upwards of 80% of a successful attack comes from the motivation and desire of the attacker. This is far harder for terrorists to cultivate among recruits than skill levels and tactics. And the motivation and desire to kill innocents on New York City streets was clearly demonstrated Saturday.

Emphasis added: it is far easier to train a person motivated towards these ends, than it is to find a person with the requisit skills and try to motivate them.

Thoughts from Ace.

Still, questions need to be asked about how a wanted terrorist manageto buy a ticket,presumably a one way ticket to Pakistan and still geton a plane. Did the NYPD/FBI not ask State/TSA to flag it? Or did thebreakdown occur in the implementation?

8+ years after 9/11 and we're still treating old ladies at airportslike they are prison drug mules but this can happen?

The system is not working.

And why they keep trying to sugar-coat it.

And that is the truth of crises and crisis management. When it is done well, there should be no sugar-coating. The impulse to sugar-coat is a mark of the conviction among politicians that they are in the same relation to the body politic as a parent is to a child. In our system, a politician is an employee, not a parent. For a rational employer, an employee who gives it to you straight will always be someone you take more seriously than an employee who pretends that everything is fine when everything isn’t.

Emphasis added. Like many things, the heart of the issue lies with the relationship between the citizen and the state. The core of progressivism is the idea that people need the guiding hand of goverment. That they are incapable of running their own lives. Hence the restrictions on what people can buy, eat, invest, drive, and shoot.

But it gets worse:

Now consider Michael Bloomberg. He glibly announces on the CBS Evening News that if forced to bet on who had left the bomb in Time Square he’d bet on the terrorist being “Homegrown, or maybe a mentally deranged person, or somebody with a political agenda that doesn't like the health care bill or something.” Homegrown, mentally deranged, doesn’t like the healthcare bill: These are the three best guesses of the mayor who works a few minutes from ground zero could come up with. To which I say, stick it up your memory hole Mayor.

This liberal tendency is not just offensive because it assumes that American citizens – including vets – are somehow an under-appreciated terrorist threat. Though that is plenty awful in and of itself.

It is also disgustingly undemocratic. Why? because so many of these people, starting with Obama himself but including former Presidents Clinton and Carter, the Democratic Party, the editorial pages of the New York Times, and much of the rest of the liberal dominated media, use this talk about the “rhetorical climate” on the right as a means to bully it into silence. That’s what Obama did in his recent commencement address and that’s what hundreds of commentators and bloggers have been doing in response to the tea parties.

They’re saying, “You people need to shut up because you’re aiding and abetting terrorists.” They’re also trying to say to independents: “If you think the rightwingers are persuasive, you need to think again. They’re all just mouthpieces and stalking horses for the homegrown terrorists and the mentally deranged.”

It will get worse.

And they will blame you for it, because you dare to talk back. Because you refuse to "know your place."

More on that later.

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