Friday, May 21, 2010

Why can't Barry Read?

So how bad is the Arizona situation? Well... as we saw before the administration refuses to admit to reading the law they're railing against.

Now they're cheering as the President of Mexico makes the same distortions.

From NRO:
Welcome to government by progressive transnationalists, where the opinion of a majority of the American public is dismissed as the ramblings of the racist and xenophobic, while foreign leaders are invited to let us know how we can change our laws to please them. When Democrats control government, sovereignty is dead.

Hot Air:

I don't see how applauding a foreign leader -- whose country is almost singlehandedly responsible for America's endless immigration battles -- for slamming a fantastically popular state law is a net gain in votes. They've already been saddled with the narrative that they can't stop apologizing for America; you'd think they'd try extra
hard here to simply sit in respectful silence while he does his shpiel rather than leaping out of their seats to grandstand. As it is, I guess they . . . really can't stop apologizing for America, even when the optics involved are poisonous to their own electoral interests.

It really is amazing how insular they are.

And it's not just their open borders fetish. Calderone also wants the US to revive and strengthen the Assault Weapons Ban.

This despite Mexico itself having very strict gun laws. Funny how those laws never seem to work. More on that later.

Calderone's claim that more than 80% of guns came from the U.S is a bald-faced lie.

The actual figure is less than 18%, and the number of guns purchased from dealers that made their way to Mexico was only eight percent; the majority of guns traced to the United States were stolen.

The bulk of firearms in the hands of the cartels are military weapons purchased on the black market, with a sizable percentage purchased or stolen from the Mexican government itself.

Same man that got a standing ovation from the Dems when he tore into Arizona's law, despite having far far more restrictive imigration laws in Mexico than the US has.

But the truth doesn't matter, only political power.

And now Cuba gets in on bashing Arizona.

Yes... Cuba.

Consider this the Somewhat Left The Irony On Department entry for today. We’re trying to keep people from illegally entering our country, which is a key national-security issue as noted by the 9/11 Commission almost six years ago. The Cuban junta not only keeps people locked into their country, but also locked into assigned areas of the island, and their police can demand papers of anyone at any time to enforce those oppressive laws.

Jim Geraghty has some perspective too

Speaking before a foreign legislature and declaring that one law must be reinstated (the so-called “Assault Weapons Ban”) and one law must be repealed (Arizona’s wildly popular new approach to illegal immigrants) is the height of arrogance and a supreme insult. Even if you agree with Calderon’s positions on these issues, you ought to recognize that when a foreign leader is invited to address our legislative branch from the floor of the House, basic respect requires him to refrain from denouncing the decisions of his hosts."

But maybe Pres. Calderon isn't so bad.
Although Calderon’s hypocrisy and misplaced sanctimony may be galling and undignified, one could argue that at least he’s doing his job. He is simply tending to the best interests of his own country and people: stricter enforcement of American immigration laws would hurt Mexico, therefore, he opposes it.

Yesterday’s truly scandalous behavior, therefore, was not Calderon’s speech. It was the reaction of many American members of Congress — mostly Democrats — who stood and applauded his dishonest and self-serving invective. It was a despicable scene: Elected American representatives enthusiastically cheering a foreign leader for his salvos against an American law passed by a freely elected legislature, signed by a freely elected governor, and supported by a substantial majority of Americans.

It was a jarring display of how dangerously out of touch our elite “leaders” have become, and how willing they are to (yet again) cheerfully ignore the will and interests of their own countrymen.

So there you go. The elite dems care more about pleasing other nations than their own citizens. The limits of goverment are for other people and laws don't have to be read in order to be judged.

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