Sunday, November 20, 2011

5Star Hotel for OWS Bagmen? Sure, Why not?

We're already in the "Some Animals are more Equal than others." stage of this little movement.

Why not ramp it up further?

For added irony, the $700 a dollar night, Gordon Gekko unleashing(in the hotel's words), hotel is called the W Hotel.

Well, what's a popular revolution without "the right" people at the helm?

Speaking of having the "right" leader in charge Tam is powerful with the snark today. Sure, the media is pushing Romney as the great white hope and only sane man in the room but really...

They assert this, of course, because only within twenty miles of Beacon Hill does Mitt qualify as "Conservative". Outside of a few coastal enclaves, he's perceived as slightly to the left of the local Democrats and viewed askance as some kind of #OCCUPY_THE_WHITE_HOUSE hippie pinko. There'd be nothing like a Romney-Obama race to encourage Republican voters to stay home in droves, and Barry would beat him like a drum.

Further, even if by some fluke Romney were to win, you'd be replacing a crony capitalist anti-gun politician who was in favor of socialized medicine with a crony capitalist anti-gun politician who was in favor of socialized medicine, but who used a higher SPF sunscreen and wore faith-based underoos.

Nothing like pushing a weak candidate to increase Dear Reader's chances of winning, while also having a safety net ensuring that even if Obama looses, the statists win.

Though as Tam points out in a latter post, the rest of the crowd isn't so hot either.

Have you really stepped back and looked at this Jim Rose Circus you're trotting out in front of the American people? Are you guys trying to throw this election? Or has the job become so onerous that no decent person with an ounce of brains would seriously apply for it anymore?

Y'all are facing the most easily-defeatable incumbent since 1980; he even just gave an actual "malaise" speech for opposing speechwriters to rip up. Whether I agree with their positions or not, I have to say that Christie, Palin, or Daniels would have beat this guy like a piƱata. With none of them in the race, that leaves Ron Paul as your sober-sided elder statesman on those debate stages. Let that sink in for a minute.

The current slate is starting to look like the Island of Misfit Toys. (Romney is the Train With Square Wheels.)

And Perry is the cowboy on the ostrich. Is Paul the squirt gun that shoots jelly?

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