Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Alex Wagner and friends Sad Pandas

Ahh, what better way to start a new show on MSNBC with a new host than by decrying US gun culture while singing the praises of the enlightened British.

Alex Wagner: "Gun violence increases and yet people still believe handgun bans are bad. What's the logic there?"

Ahhh. Well firstly, that said violence is increasing is factually wrong. Secondly, it's "Gun Death" all over again. The idea that certain crimes are especially bad because of the tool used. And finally, there's magical thinking, that the item is at fault here.

Via: Alphecca

Though topping it all off is this lovely sentiment by a co-panelist.

For his part, panelist John Heilemann theorized that a drop in violent crime has made "gun violence" largely "theoretical" to most Americans.

"The urgency around it is leached out because of the fact that there's actually, in a paradoxical way, a very big good news story that's happened with respect to crime in America," Heilemann added

So not only does this directly contradict Wagner's initial claims, but it shows how the Anti's think. They're sad that more Americans aren't hurt by violent criminals.

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