Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Magic!

Eugene Kane frets about Wisconsin joining the bulk of America.

Sebastian at his new digs at Shall Not be Questioned looks at the fear:

I also wonder why Eugene Kane is so fearful of his fellow citizens and co-workers. Do you think as soon as you put a gun in someone’s hands they magically turn into murderers? Are people in Minnesota, which has a lower violent crime rate than Wisconsin, less safe because they have allowed shall-issue carry permits for years? What about Iowa, who’s violent crime rate is roughly the same as Wisconsin and also has shall-issue carry?

He's brimming with fear of all those proles being able to legally carry concealed now (nevermind that they could have illegally carried concealed or legally open carried previously...)

But then it gets silly:

Thankfully, the “No Weapons Allowed in the Building” sign has been posted at my job, which was a great relief for some of us who write the kind of stories that occasionally get the public agitated.

Seriously? He actually thinks that a sign would stop someone intent on harm? How?
In what world would a person who is willing to risk a murder rap be unwilling to risk an armed trespass charge?

Maybe the world of magic.

I guess it's a good thing these guys didn't use guns to destroy the french magazine Charlie Hebdo's offices.

I'm seeing the publication equivalent of Wee'rd "Gun Death" series.

Though Time's taking a novel approach on that story.

Time Magazine Writer: That French Magazine knew what it was doing tarting itself up with that short skirt, high heels, and walking past those men. She knew they couldn't control themselves.

Ace looks into the original headline of the article.

Like I said, the web-based headline -- that continues in the URL -- is:


So the original headline was: "Firebombed French Paper: A Victim of Islam, Or Its Own Obnoxious Islamaphobia?"

And we'll round out by going back to Wee'rd on the antis. They want you less free, less informed, and less able to defend yourself. But they're all about empowering criminals. Because it's not their fault they did bad things.

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