Monday, November 14, 2011

A Tale of 2 Kahr PM45's

For me the hardest part of acquiring Kahr's sub-compact 45 was buying one of the dang things. At the time they were in short supply. However, once I found one at a gun shop I was able to make the purchase, clear NCIS and take it home immediately. That's how it works in Indiana and the bulk of the US

Let's compare Indiana, and the bulk of the US, to Massachusetts.

Here's Weer'd and The Story of Eleanor. Same gun, different states.

Let's look at some real loopholes:

Now for those who don’t know we have a bullshit system here in Mass where guns first need to be approved for “Safety”. BTW some well-known guns that are “Unsafe” for Massachusetts are everything in the Glock line, as well as all handguns made by Springfield Armory or Colt. Now Colt and Springer just didn’t want to play with the Attorney General’s stupid games and never submitted a single unit for testing. Companies like Kahr and Glock submitted EVERYTHING they had (this was destructive testing and likely cost millions), the guns passed the safety tests…but the AG decided in his infinite wisdom that the guns were still “Unsafe” and couldn’t be sold.

Ok so how does one get around this. First the law ONLY effects FFL transfers, so you can privately sell these guns all you want. (well we’re allowed 4 sales per year) There is one exception, is an FFL can transfer guns that are given to you through a will estate. I didn’t feel like asking one of my friends or relatives to buy one and then die…I like the gun but not that much, I needed to look at the other options. One way is to have an officer buy a gun (cops are exempted from all our bullshit laws) and then sell the gun to you. There are several cops in the state that run a racket like that. The other is to get somebody to move into state, get their LTC and then sell it.

Get that? Whole product lines from major companies are "banned", but only for the proles. If you're police, well, not only can you buy them but you can sell them. Oh, and if you happen to move to Mass and then are deemed worthy of a licencee to posses... then you can pick up your guns and sell them.

Clearly, safety is at the forefront of the Attorney General's mind here.

And by the way... both guns (in fact all of Karh's guns) were made in Worcester... Massachusetts.

Safe enough to make (and tax) in Mass, safe enough for the police to own, safe enough for the police to sell, safe enough to bring into the state... but not safe enough to for the commoner to buy.

This is what the Anti's think of as Common Sense.

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