Friday, November 11, 2011


Today is a day to honor all veterans but it is for a specific war and a specific event.

It's Armistice Day. The day the guns fell silent.[1] And no matter how much Congress or your Social Studies teacher wants to retcon it to a safely generic holiday for "Veterans," that is why this day falls on this date. The Brits, somewhat more felicitously, call it "Remembrance Day," and it should indeed be that.

You can't express your gratitude to the men who fought the first mechanized war. Even the ones who were not ground in the gears are gone now; all that's left are scars on the landscape [2], redrawn maps that were scribbled over again a generation later, histories, monuments.

Roberta then tells you what you can do.

Tam has more thoughts.

So go an thank a Veteran for the sacrifices they have endured, even if they will demure and be humble.

Even if they'll be laconic.

Make the offer to take one to lunch(as Jay G suggests) or by a drink. Or donate your time or money to a cause.

It is good to know that there are sill men and women that actually take their jobs as a public service and will sacrifice and endure to ensure the liberty for the rest of us.

So, thank the real public servants.

And back to JayG for a bit of gun porn and a great salutation
Thank you, veterans - may you all have as long a tenure as the 1911!

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