Thursday, November 17, 2011

The bad old days.

Tam looks at how far the Second Amendment Rights movement has come in the last couple decades.

If you had showed up in that gun store of 1995 and told everybody that you were a time traveler from a 2011 where the AWB had sunset; 'Vermont-style' carry was now 'Vermont/Alaska/Arizona/Wyoming-style'; the House of Representatives had just passed, by a hefty margin, a national CCW reciprocity bill; there was a shooting-based game show on prime-time national TV; and you could buy a collapsible-stock AR carbine with a bayonet lug in Wal-Mart, the people in the gun shop would have laughed in your face and told you to stop telling tall tales. And not about the 'time travel' part, either, because that was plausible by comparison.

This was all a bit before my time. I grew up in Jersey but my parents were gunnies so that helped. By the time I was old enough to really "get" the headaches of gun laws in NJ we had moved to Upstate New York. And yes, they both had carry permits up there, and a "pre ban" AR15. Again I liked guns but was too young and too poor to have my own.

Then I moved to Indiana and started buying my own stuff, and it was night and day.
And given my westward move this line from Tam is a bit chilling.

And Joe Huffman looks at how bad it was back in the day.

And it is a big sign the progress that has been made.

But go back to Joe's post, those politicians who endorsed for full confiscation and British style gun control are still around. And they have the same goals.

Just look at Sebastian's live blogging on yesterday's HR822 National Reciprocity debate in congress. Same lies, same insanity, much of the same face.

The big difference is how much further they have to move, and that the Bradys are on the downfall and Nanny Bloomberg is on the upswing.

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