Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nanny Bloomberg's "Cheap" Date

Indy Mayoral candidate Melina Kennedy doesn't seem to realize the limitations of her office.

Two big planks of her platform are "fixing the schools" and controlling those evil guns.
Problem is that Indianapolis schools are not under the control of the Mayor.
And neither is gun laws, since Indiana passed a state level preemption law banning any locality from making their own laws.

But that hasn't stopped Melina Kennedy!

Now she's attacking the incumbent Ballard for... not being in Mayors Against Illegal Guns!

Yes how dare he not be in an organization with a membership more likely to commit crime than the population at large, which is involved in illegal "sting" operations, and is really Mayor Bloomberg's gun control mouth piece.

And by pure coincidence guess who got 25 large from Bloomberg just before she started this new line of attack.


Hat tip to Roberta and Tam

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