Thursday, February 2, 2012

Apathy now!

Ace talks about how different the vast swath of "independents" are from the politically active and obsessive. He also talks about one of the nice things about the US form of governance.

One of the great blessings of the United States is that in the large politics really doesn't matter all that much. Sure we care - a lot- and have plenty of strong opinions about national politics. But the reality is that for most people whoever controls the White House has little discernible effect on their daily lives and that of their friends and families.

But in other countries politics /matters/: who has political power determines whether you keep your job, can get enough food, whether your family can stay in the country, or even whether you live or die. By contrast we have the luxury of not having to care about politics and still leading a happy, pleasant life. And that's no small thing.

Note that there are some that want that to change. And that the happy sleepy dream state of much of the populace is part of the political problems we have. That and people like free ice-cream and would rather support the man promising them more goodies than some fool who tells 'em it wasn't free and the bill's due.

As Frank J shows why Independents are so happy with that system.
I know what some of you are thinking: “I don’t know that this apathy idea will work for me.” Well, that’s your problem — you’re thinking about it. Thinking leads to opinions, and opinions eradicate apathy. Instead, you just need to shrug your shoulders and say, “Eh.” Then — BOOM! — the argument is over.

Oh well.

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