Sunday, June 3, 2012

Back on the horse.

Or as Wally describes it "garbing the hair of the dog."

After yesterday's ka-boom I actually cleaned myself up, gathered the parts, and then fired 50 rounds out of my backup 1911 (an old Kimber Pro-Carry II).

Full disclosure the ammunition I used was from a lot I had made on Friday that was done at starting loads and that I had measured each casing.

And in more hair of the dog... well I went to the Indy 1500 today:

It's another used Kimber TLE. I didn't get this one for quite as good as good of a price as my last one, the splody, but this one is almost new and was still quite nice. And looking at the prices of new Kimbers they're still a bad joke. Hell, this one is mostly for sentimental reasons, and I can still make a fun range and fine carry gun with it.

The other is a new S&W 1911 E series. Which was also for a real agreeable price. And had a neat "blocky" style to it.

I took both to the range today and they preformed perfectly fine. Though I've only out about 75 rounds through each (74 for the Kimber, 81 for the S&W) so it's too early to tell how they'll really preform.

It was nice to have a fund set aside, as I was planning on getting a second full size 1911, just didn't plan on having to get two.

Also had a great blogmeet today. Will update more on that later.

Update: Here's Roberta's report

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