Sunday, June 10, 2012

Range Trip and Smoked Pork

Went to the range today and and tried some 230 grain Rainier bullets with 6.0 grains of Unique and some Federal Hydra-Shocks... err Federal Premium Personal Defense Reduced Recoil Ammunition.

The Hydra's worked fine in my S&W 1911. They were correct, very low felt recoil, speed of about 1030ft/s and quite good accuracy. Though a sample size of 20 isn't enough for me to feel comfortable with them.

The uniques worked well enough. I think the chronograph data shows a larger spread. Which I'll have to think about and do some more testing. Each of these rounds were individually measured so I'll know the grainage is good.

Also the smoked pork came off around midnight last night and worked out rather well.

Again thin slice a top pork loin into butterfly chops, removing the backstrap of fat.
Then put in a brine for 30 hours. The brine should be 1.5 tablespoons of salt to 1 cup of water. Can add cumin, ground pepper, cayenne, paprika, and such to it for flavor.

Then after the brining, take out and have drip dry for an hour. Then put on a smoker for a good 15 hours or until dried. I used applewood on mine.

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