Friday, June 1, 2012

Unforced Errors of Statists.

It's funny that a so-called liberal, has an inate desire to defend controlling mandates and bans.

Though when your central thesis is "The people are stupid and the State should make them better", you tend to take sides of the barons looking to harness the proles.

No matter how ridiculous the law is, it seems Mr. A and his type have to jump up and roll around in it.

There's no: "Well yes, I see the noble intention of such a law, but really isn't it a bit much?"
Or: "Yeah it's a crazy overreaction to a crisis, we should look for more productive solutions."

Because that would imply that there are limits to what the State can do. And as the previous post shows, folk like Mr. A cannot accept that.

Unless it directly infringes on his lifestyle.

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