Friday, June 15, 2012

Looking into Sea Org

Here's an interview of Kate Bornstein author of A Queer and Pleasant Danger. Her memoir of the time she spent in Scientology's floating fleet "Sea Org". Though at the time she was a he.

Yes Bornstein has lead a very intersting life. As a check of her others books will tell.

The interview gives a taste of the almost surreal strangeness of the world of Scientology. I've added to to my amazon queue and am curious as to the rest of the story.

What struck me was the "anthropology" of Scientology. As a group they have their own customs, social ques, linguistics, and ethical and moral framework. It's also interesting because it was created within living memory and has shifted noticeably over that period.

It really is a religion as thought up by a Science fiction author that ended up getting enough disciples that he was able to build a fleet populated solely by his own people.

There's also some of the frankly creepy aspects like Operation Snow White, billion year service contracts, and an organized method of shunning and breaking off all contact of any and all apostates.

Compared to stuff like that paying ten thousand dollars to get audited and cleared for super powers, and having a plan of global (multi global) domination seems almost quaint.

Though I would not take Scientology as a joke. Consider what happened to another woman that published a book critical of Scientology.


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