Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Good Drinks, Bad Drinks

Barron Barnett has a pictorial essay. Of what our social betters, lead by Baron Bloomberg deem we shoudl have and should not have.

Yup, you can still have your 40 oz. of Malt Liquor but your 20 oz. of Mountain Dew is going to kill you faster than anything!
You can have an 8 pack of 12 oz. cokes, totaling 96 oz., and that is perfectly fine. Having a 1L coke, which is 33.8 oz. is bad though. We can’t have that!
It increases waste for the same volume of product. Here we are supposedly wanting to help save the environment and reduce waste yet our fearless leaders create regulations that will cause people to increase it? Pardon me skeptical then that excess waste is really a problem!

Seriously, the only people who support behavior like this are petty tyrants. Tyrants that honestly need to be run out of town on a rail. So if you’re unfortunate enough to live in New York, I give you your solution for putting up with tyranny while thumbing your nose. Behold the New York Reload for soda!

Oh yes. It's worth it.

And it's not just soda. How about straws?

Well, at least they're not banning straws because "Jesus said so". That'd be wrong. But banning stuff because it hurts "the environment" or "Public Health" well that's just common sense.

It occurs to me that it's in the moralizing sermonizing busy bodies' best interest to drop the vestments and pick up lab-coats. Because not only are people less suspicious of ponouncemnts from the department of Health and Moral Hygiene, but unlike the church, the former has a direct line to the police.

And the former will get all the Mr. A's in society nodding their heads.

Banning demon rum?
Get your Jesus outta my life! Church and State!
Restrictions to ethanol for the interest of public health?
Well... that's just common sense.

See how easy it is!

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