Saturday, August 25, 2012

Does the goblin even need a gun for it to count as a "Mass Shooting"?

Well... given the "Mass" in the NYC "Mass Shooting" was all on the part of the cops...

The problem seems to be that the police have firearms that have been modified to make the trigger pulls much harder (which covers up poor gun handling with Negligent discharges, but does hell to aim). Poor training on the part of the cops. And poor accountability on police caused "collateral damage.

As Tirno on GBC points out tongue in cheek: "God damn it. At least this guy had the courtesy and care to make on fine handcrafted murder. It took the NYPD to turn it into a slipshod mass casualty event."

And that's exactly what happened. But the antis are screaming that this is a "mass shooting" even though the mass of fire is on the part of the "Only Ones."

And consider this. In their reporting yesterday the AP noted that the NYPD recently shot to death a "knife wielding man".

The mutant in the Empire State Building murder killed one man for revenge. He could have easily done it with a knife. Hey Gun Death!

He also could have been followed by the police, drawn his knife when confronted by them, and been shot by them... with the police missing and injuring people.

There you have it. Same deaths, same police response, same casualties. The only difference is that the only guns in the equation were in the hands of the police.

And I'm betting the Antis would still call it a "mass shooting".

As Daniels also on GBC notes: "So a guy with a knife then perpetrates a mass shooting?"

Based on the comments on this Mother Jones piece (Provided by Agripa in GBC) such as "If it gets media attention it's a mass killing, it seems to me. "

Also these "deep thinkers" simultaneously exonerate the police from any culpability with regards to the people they -you know- shot while also blaming all gun owners for the murderous actions of one man.

Yeah... it looks like Daniels is right about that.


Tirno said...

It's nice to be quoted, but what about the spelling corrections I requested? I claim an equipment penalty: I was IRCing on an iPhone and out of necessity, autocorrect was turned off.

Adapting a comment seen elsewhere on the intarwebs: take the guns away from the NYPD. Instead, give them each one frag grenade. They'll cause less collateral damage that way.

The Jack said...

Huh? I'm not seeing any spelling mistakes that I missed.

So whatever's left shows a gross incompetence on my part. Sorry about that.

Yeah, frag grenades would be safer for those goobers.