Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How dare you try to help! That's what the government is for!

So in Philly a woman is facing a 600 dollar a day fine.

Her crime? Feeding needy children.

Remember this next time a liberal screams about how charity doesn't work and is a smokescreen. Gee it's almost like the State is actively trying to crush competing methods of helping those in need.

Jay G has more.

You see, this is a private charity. This is exactly what we mean when we say that the government is not there to take care of you.This is a church set up to help the poor - something they've been doing for hundreds if not thousands of years. And yet, because the government hates competition, they're hitting her with ridiculous fines to try and stop her from feeding hungry kids.

You know something? If this had happened in Mitt Romney's Massachusetts, I bet it would have been front page news three days running. Since it's happening in Democratically controlled Phillie; not a peep. This is exactly the kind of thing that you think they'd want to happen - after all, it is "for the children"... Yet because her house isn't zoned properly (WTF? Is there a "free lunch" zone?), someone dimed her out to the local warlords. Really. Someone ratted her out to the authorities because she was feeding hungry kids.

But you know what? When you give a hungry kid a lunch, their parents don't get dependent on the government and therefore more likely to vote for whoever's in power. They are not beholden to one party or another to receive this food; they simply show up and eat.

The Progressive idea of charity is taking money from someone else at gunpoint then doling it out to a captive population with the implicit threat of "vote for us or else." So of course they have to remove any competing means of support.

And note, despite keeping strict paperwork and having bi-weekly visits from a state inspector, the woman in question is still being punished... for feeding needy children.

Man, wonder what the statists think of Langar, guess they'll be going after the Sikhs next. And the soup kitchens. Until they all are subject to "common sense" regulation.

Though the Sikhs are in enough hot water in the eyes of the progs. Just consider the Kirpan.

Speaking of Langar, Sean D. Sorrentino celebrates "diversity" with some very staunch American Patriots. And read Sean's comment in his own post for more information on the Kirpran.

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