Monday, August 6, 2012

The Kriss Smile is very real.

Welp, something came in last night. Something I'd been wroking towards but had been keeping under wraps.


I had decided to go with the pistol version of the Kriss. And then took the sight off of a previous weapon.

Compared to the Kriss my AR45 pistol feels bulky, clunky, and slow. The AR45 having a 9 inch barrel might be more accurate. But the Kriss is, despite the price, acutally very simple. Being a very robust blowback design.

And I just got back from the range. Put a hundred Sellier & Bellot through it and fifty of my handloads. Didn't have any faults. Very low recoil and very accurate. Here's the target from my first outing with it:

Both the irons and the sights that came with it work very well. That target is from 25 yards to 5 yards. And both the 13 round magazines and the 25 round magazines worked without a hitch. The whole gun preformed very well. The trigger takes a bit getting used to, having that long transfer bar to the reversed hammer. I will say that the charging handle is a bit hard with the spring pressure, but that's mostly the manual of arms.

The Kriss is a bit of a strange weapon to get used to. The controls are very accessible, even for a southpaw but they are placed in odd spots. One real nice thing is the charging handle has a press check feature which is really convenient.

And the Kriss also has a compartment inside the grip where you can put spare batteries and other odds and ends.

As for the Kriss grin, that grew as I got comfortable with the weapon. And by the last 25 when I was shooting steel pepper poppers it was ear to ear.

So yes, Robb Allen is right. The Kriss Smile is real.

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